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Choosing the Right Fireplace for Your Home

3 types of fireplace

3 types of fireplace

While looking for a luxury condo or any other house on sale in Toronto, people tend to pay close attention to fireplaces. Many think that fireplaces give character ho a home and so, they may want to have one. It might already be installed or the new homeowner might want to install them in later. Fireplaces generally have the same functions, to produce heat, light and flames. What differ are installation, design, efficiency, convenience and aesthetics. They are just a aspects which must be considered. Selecting a fireplace and deciding the location where it will be placed needs to be thought out carefully.

1. A gas-fueled fireplace

The options available for gas burning fireplaces are propane and natural gas fueled. Both types use a clean burning, efficient outside source of fuel. The main reason people typically choose propane fueled fireplaces is that they don’t have access to a natural gas pipeline. Natural gas is preferred among the two. Both types of gases are great at constraining wasted energy while producing heat, which helps in reducing the heating bill. Fireplace inserts are easily available and can be purchased and installed into a functioning masonry fireplace providing better efficiency.

A gas-fueled fireplace can be installed anywhere in the home, whereas, wood fireplaces can only be placed in the central room. Gas fueled fireplaces also don’t need to be installed by professionals. Bedrooms, luxurious bathrooms and kitchens can all benefit from gas burning fireplaces, which are also a great visual element. The versatility of gas burning fireplaces is evident because they can be installed in a higher position than wood burning ones. This allows the fire to be enjoyed at eye-level while being out of reach of children.

2. A wood-fueled fireplace

Wood fueled fireplaces often take out more heat than they put into your home. The fireplace needs to be designed in an efficient manner which conserves heat if the fireplace is to heat the home. A fireplace meant for heating should be designed efficiently, keeping the conservation of heat in mind. An energy efficient prefabricated model can be used in this case, making the fireplace effective. A few other features can also be added to serve this purpose:

• Glass doors can be installed. They limit the air flying out of the chimney.
• When not using the fireplace, the warm air can be kept from leaking out by the installation of a chimney balloon.
• The heat from the fireplace can be pulled using a smart circulation system.

Although wood fueled fireplaces may be great at providing character, and creating a cosy ambience, they require skilled labour and a substantial amount of stone and brick. This makes them a pricier option. Also, a greater amount of wood will be required to keep it active. The cost of sustaining wood fireplaces is much higher than its competitors.

3. Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces are very similar to natural and propane gas fireplaces. They’re eco-friendly, safer and more efficient than wood fueled fireplaces. They also have many features which make them different from other fireplaces. There isn’t any need to hire a professional to install an electric fireplace. No other energy source, besides an electrical outlet, is needed. This also makes them a less expensive alternative to gas and wood fueled fireplaces. Electric fireplaces are very convenient and can be moved from one room to another without hassle. They have a much longer life expectancy compared to its substitutes. Electric fireplaces produce flames, which aren’t actually hot, and so are safe to be kept around children.

One major negative feature of it, however, is that because they use electricity to run, they will not work during a power outage. Still, it’s an extremely cost-effective and convenient choice, which makes it an ideal option to be installed in your home.

Adding a fireplace gives depth to any Yorkville apartment or luxury condo rental. The family gets a chance to gather around the fire on a cold day and bond. The type of fire place installed will greatly depend on the aesthetic of your house, your budget and your goals for installing a fireplace.

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